How To Wear A Black Dress

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wearing your favorite little black dress, making it easy to create a timeless outfit that will attract attention for all the right reasons. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear this wardrobe staple:

  • Karl Lagerfeld knows that his signature monochrome never goes out of fashion, and if it’s good enough for the King of fashion it’s good enough for us, so why not inject some spring time style into your outfit by pairing your black dress with crisp white accessories?
  • If you’re shopping for a new dress then look for one with attention-grabbing details. Interesting fabrics such as super-soft silk, delicate lace or cotton with raw edging can turn a good dress into a great one.
  • It’s OK to experiment and break the fashion rules: you can wear black with other neutral shades such as nude, beige and even navy blue. The overall effect will look classic and incredibly stylish!
  • Want to really make a statement and stand out from the crowd? Channel you inner A-lister and team your dress with a neck-lengthening up ‘do and plenty of gold and faux-diamond embellished bling for a look that is truly red carpet worthy. Look to the recent Oscars for the ultimate style inspiration.

1. Adriana Gastélum

Adriana Gastélum

2. Annabelle Fleur

Annabelle Fleur

3. Arielle Nachami

Arielle Nachami

4. Emilie Tømmerberg

Emilie Tømmerberg

5. Giggles and Dimples

Giggles and Dimples

6. Jenny Tsang

Jenny Tsang

7. Jessi Afshin

Jessi Afshin

8. Julie Sarinana

Julie Sarinana

9. Katarzyna Tusk

Katarzyna Tusk

10. Kim Le

Kim Le

11. Paola Alberdi

Paola Alberdi

12. Paula Jagodzińska

Paula Jagodzińska

13. Sara Donaldson

Sara Donaldson

14. Sara Escudero

Sara Escudero

15. Sharareh Sophia Hosseini

Sharareh Sophia Hosseini

16. Sophie Van Daniels

Sophie Van Daniels