Halloween used to be a holiday celebrated as a pagan ritual to celebrate the coming of winter and with the transitioning of the seasons it was known as a bridge for the dead to the real world. However modern day Halloween is more about costumes and candy than about ancient traditions. It has become a globalised holiday since it gets so much media coverage and everyone wants to whip up a cool costume and take lots of cute Instagram pictures!

Since your reading this, I presume your looking for something quick and easy to throw on to get you into the creepy spirit of Halloween! Well you have come to the right place, here’s a bunch of ideas that you might enjoy for Halloween.

If you have been following the Game of thrones, you know that the fandom has been revived with the release of season 7. So I decided we have to add an easy costume idea inspired by game of thrones.

I found this awesome shirt design that is with reference to Arya Stark’s adventures with the no face god. If you’re a game of thrones fan you know what im talking about! Get a common white or black shirt printed with these words and your good to go!

Couple Halloween Costumes

Another idea I thought was pretty easy for anyone to pull off was this thief outfit, it’s the typical stripped shirt, black beanie cap look which everyone has available at home! The bag of stolen money you can design out of brown paper bag with a dollar sign cut out on it! Would hardly take you 20 minutes!

You could also dress up as an ipod or a vending machine or a cellphone! Like take a big cardboard box and paint it any color you like, and cut out holes for the arms. You can add very simple chart paper cutouts in the front and the back!

DIY hairbands

When all else fails you still have the option to make these DIY hairbands that you can put on and basically your done with the costume. You can design them the way you like! Make them bunny ears or mouse ears or maybe even one unicorn horn! Go for it!

Another idea is to dress up as a witch! Inspired by none other than the Harry Potter series anyone can pull it off! All you have to do is make yourself a cone shaped hat and a black gown. Throw on some glasses and a wand. It’s the perfect outfit!

Halloween Makeup

Halloween is meant to be about hanging out with the friends and family, eating lots of candy and letting your creative juices flow! For people who are like me and far to lazy to bother spending time making a costume or purchasing one for that matter, I hope I was able to help you figure out a few quick and easy ideas! Have a great Halloween everybody!

Author: Alize Malik