Bracelets are a delicate and modish way to accessorize any type of outfit. This single piece of bracelet can provide an elegant look. Here are few different types.


Bangle bracelets have a big variety and mostly are made of non-precious and precious materials. Glass, plastic, wood and silver bracelets are easily available everywhere. They are great and provide a complete desi and moderate look, all it depends on a dressing style. Earlier it was shaped circular but with time triangle and square shaped also became part of this fascinating industry.


Cuff bracelet is quite thick and gives a chic look. This type has a slight gap and doesn’t fully cover your hand but feels secure when worn.

Handmade Cuffs

Leather Cuffs

Silver Style Cuff


The link bracelet is created by connecting multiple pieces of a similar type of jewelry. The linked pieces can range from the elaborately crafted parts made of valuable metals or a more simple chain link style. This bracelet is great for the practical, subtle look and can easily work with most types of outfits.

Tennis Bracelets:

It is a most alluring piece of jewellery made in a symmetrical pattern. It is also named as diamond line bracelet.


The chain bracelet is a simple style with linked metal loops that make up the entire piece of jewellery. It can range from the thin and elegant pieces to the big and chunky.

Bracelets are a great option to dress up the ethnic or exotic dress.