18 03, 2017
  • Fairy Lights Nails

Easy Kawaii Nail Art – Summer Nail Designs

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Nail art is the best widened art around the World. It seems so interesting to everyone that nobody wants to get rid out of this nailartaholic. […]

21 05, 2015
  • Gray Outline

20 DIY Nails Tutorials Trendy 2015

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Mad decorative nails are here to remain. To have you started, 20 fashionable lessons nails rounded up. 1. Easy Triangle Nails Let’s begin with the basics. This simply requires the correct set of colors as well as a little bit of Scotch tape. 2. Ombre Sponge Manicure Nails Tutorials Trendy 2015 Ombre Sponge Manicure, Remember [...]