She was created on 22nd.

Her start being an actor was when she was forged in the age of eight on Barney & Friends.

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Her mom gave her birth in the age of 16.

When she was 5 yrs old her parents separated.
Has four pets – Willy Processor, Fina and Wallace.

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She used her puppy called Processor from an animal protection.

Disney found Selena in a nation wide casting call.Mandy Cornett, her mom, remarried to Mark Teefey in 2006.

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Her name ‘Selena’ indicates Moon in Greek.

She’s an enormous supporter of Johnny Depp.

Selena Gomez

Selena is an child.

A Mickey Mouse charm ring was obtained by Selena from Disney Channel like a reward.

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Selena appeared in several symptoms of Hannah Montana Mikayla, as Hannah’s competitor.

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Selena Gomez desires to report a duet together with her and is just a large supporter of Cheryl Cole.

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Selena’s Facebook account is selenagomez.

Selena has stated in Go Girl journal that she’d like create ‘Pickle Flavored Gum’.

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Selena’s bandmembers are Joey Clement, Greg Garman, Ethan Roberts and Dane Forrest.

She Favorite movie genre that is Selena’s is fear.

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Favourite fruit is apple.

Selena skateboard and likes to search.

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Selena is focusing on a movie What Children Need that will be within the movies in 2013.

She starred in Montecarlo that was launched in October 2011 as Elegance.

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Selena Gomez’s recording ‘A Year Without Rain’ was launched in September 2010.

Selena July 2010 clothing line released on 15th.

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She was 12 yrs old with Dylan Sprouse,

Selena had her hug.

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Selena starred in Bemuse Ramona &, that was launched on 22nd.

Halloween is among Selena’s favorite holidays.

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She dated Justin Bieber.

Selena’s favorite Justin Bieber tunes are Onetime, Say Never, and Not Love Me.

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Her Sign is Cancer.

Selena and presented for that camera using the wedding couple and Justin Bieber offered a newlywed couple a marriage to consider – their wedding failed in Malibu.

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Selena hasn’t because she was with Justin Bieber used her love band.

Selena Gomez won the honor in Wizards of Waverly

Area for humor on her effectiveness.

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Selena favorite activity is baseball.

She took part.

Selena includes a Alicea 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid is driven by her.

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When Justin’s manager named Selena’s mom , her supervisor, to setup a gathering between your two Selena and Justin met last year.

Selena consuming coconut oil.

Selena Gomez shields her speech!Closest friend Demi Lovato and she have corresponding guitar pick bracelets.

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This resulted in allegations from performer and PETA Red concerning the treatment of the creatures.

Selena June 2011, she launched her recording.

“When Sunlight Goes Down”.

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Her favorite band is Para more.

She’s called following the renowned Tejano singer Selena.